Yoga - The Path to Holistic Health

The human body is fully equipped to keep itself healthy. So why not nurture our natural immune system? Designed by the sages of ancient India, Yoga is a conscious and systematic attempt to achieve physical and mental well being and can be safely practiced by all age groups.

Yoga increases vitality and resistance to diseases.

Well guided and regularly practiced yoga can help cure ailments such as blood pressure, diabetes arthritis, rheumatism slipped disk, spondylosis, backache, cervical, asthma, obesity, migraine, insomnia, mental depression etc.

Keeping in mind the increasing stress of modern day life, we offer you an opportunity to unwind and discover yourself through yoga in the natural surroundings of Baikunth The Abode of Gods.

Individual Yoga lessons available on request @ Rs. 700/- Per Person Per Hour.

Group Yoga lessons available on request @ Rs. 3,000/- Per Hour.

We value your time. Kindly Dial 220 or 9 to make an appointment.

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