Ayurvedic Massage Therapy
Ayurveda, the science of healing and good health founded by the Rishis of the Himalayas, practiced and perfected by the Vaidyas, all over India especially by the Keralites. Now coming back to the valleys of the Himalayas in a highly adaptable mode to the present day life style without losing its efficacy. We are offering the purest Kerala traditional Ayurvedic massage treatments using genuine Ayurvedic herbal preparations under experienced hands from our experts.


Is the best eye cleaning treatment in which a head & face massage is given for 15 to 20 minutes, hot water fomentation for 10 minutes and finally eye wash with herbal water of different herbs. This is very effective in computer eye tired syndrome / low vision / migraine / tearless eyes / cataract and other eye diseases.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 2500/-


Is a pressurised foot massage, in which 4-7 strokes of acupressure massage, circulation against massage, bangle, tapping, kneading, vibratory and pressing movements from toes to knees for 30 to 35 minutes are done. It is a very good relaxing massage for the feet and calf muscles, which improves the circulation of the lower legs and helps in distressing the system. Herbal water fomentation is given to the lower legs for 15 minutes. This is very effective in travel induced tiredness, varicose vein, knee joint pain, cramps numbness, high lactic acid and rheumatoid arthritis.

Duration: 45 Minutes Rs. 1800/-

Head & Shoulder Massage

Is a massage of all the 14 vital points of the head, 5 points in the neck and 3 points of the shoulder. This massage is done in the form of a light head massage i.e. scalp rejuvenation, scalp stimulation and neck & shoulder relaxation. After which a hot water bottle is advised to the guest to keep below the neck with the head in a slightly tilted position for circulation to the brain and complete mental relaxation. This is very effective in insomnia, stress, emotional breakdowns, depression, hyper excited state of mind, tension, high and low blood pressure and hair fall. The time duration for head & shoulder massage is 35 minutes and fomentation is 10 minutes.

Duration: 45 Minutes Rs. 1800/-

Kids Massage

Is a specialised massage which helps the kids to be energetic, immune to exposures, active and improves concentration in any field. We offer a specialised kids massage for growth and height gain. We teach mothers too, about kids best health. Different movements of the hands of the masseur on different parts of the kids body helps in stimulating the bone centres to channelise calcium and put more bony strength to the body. Specialised baby skin oil is used for precious kids skin and baby massage. This improves dry skin syndrome and works as antiseptic to the skin. Total time duration is 30 minutes out of which hot towel fomentation is given with herbal water for 10 minutes.

Duration: 30 Minutes Rs. 1500/-


Is a nasal treatment with oil, powder, juice or nasal drops. We start with specific 14 sinuses massages to improve the circulation and opening up the nasal passage for 20 minutes, then general body oil application for 20 minutes to help the guest relax, followed by herbal steam for 15 minutes on the face (head or neck optional), lastly gargles are done of turmeric and salt in herbal water. This whole treatment helps in opening up the sinuses. Congestions, allergic asthma, allergic sneezing, allergic running nose i.e. allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, headaches, insomnia, anosmia (decreased smell sensation) and snoring or sleep apnoea.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 2700/-


Is a treatment for the scalp in which we do a head and shoulder massage for 20 minutes followed by body oil application for 20 minutes. Followed by an application of a paste of different stress releasing herbs for 20 minutes on the whole scalp. This is very effective in dandruff, headache, migraine, nervous derangements.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 2700/-


Is a treatment for kati i.e. lower back area in which we prepare a medicated flour and make round dough. Then a layer of cotton with warm oil is put inside it and the warm oil is also poured into it for optimum temperature maintenance. Then light acupressure and light body oil application is done, followed by localised steam for 10 to 15 minutes. This is very effective in lower back ache, prolapse intervertebral disc, muscular spasm, muscle pull, uterine discomfort, constipation, dysmenorrhoea and menstrual disturbances.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 2800/-

Abhyangam (General Body Massage)

Abhay+Anjanam i.e. the treatment after which there is no fear of microorganism, allergies or infection to the body, the body circulation increases in such a manner that is flushes out the toxins and releases good substances which improve the immunity power of the body and relaxes the body completely. We offer you a complete relaxing, rejuvenating body massage according to your body type and make you body receptive to such an excellent natural and pollution free environment.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 2200/-

Udarthanam (Powder Massage)

This is a dry powder massage i.e. a kind of a scrub massage with medicated powders, which have good piercing capacity through the hair follicles and react with the toxins to release them out. We apply full medicated powder throughout the body, which removes the dead cells and flushes the toxins present in hair follicles and stimulates the sebaceous secretion i.e. fat dissociation and reduces obesity too. This is helpful in obesity, over sweating, dry skin, smell in sweat and flaccid skin syndromes.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 3000/-

Scrub Massage

Is a massage of the body with medicated oils and scrubbed with either rose petals / sand / sesame or pulses depending on your body type. This massage helps in bringing out the dead cells, refreshes the skin and revitalises the system. This is helpful in obesity, skin tan, dead cells removing, skin diseases, psoriasis, hypertension and insomnia.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 3200/-

Royal Abhyangam

Is a royal pressure massage comprising of acupressure all around the vital points of the neck, feet and lower back. Oil is applied on the whole body and pressure points are stimulated (specially neck, lower back, lower legs, feet and hands). This is very effective in releasing work stress.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 4400/-

Kulthswedan (Cereal Massage)

Is a massage of cereals specially for skin lustre and protein deficiencies. We boil herbal powder with a few cereals and cook it till it becomes a paste. A full body oil massage is given followed by a scrub of cereals packed in a potali dipped in herbal decoction. This is a hot massage which helps in relaxing the system and improves the protein activity of the body.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 3500/-

Kizhi Potali

Is a full body fresh herbal hot oil massage which scrubs the body and helps in piercing of oil. We make a potali of a few fresh herbs, boil them in oil and then this potali is applied to the body from head to toe. This is very effective for joint pains and other dry skin syndromes as the oil can go deep to the muscular level. This is effective in muscle spasm and tiredness. This helps in complete physical, mental and spiritual relaxation.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 4000/-

Shashti Shali Pinda Swedan (Njavarak Kizhi)

Is a treatment of excellence with milk and rice in which rice is boiled with medicated herbs. This massage fulfils the blessing of “DHUDHO NAHAO PUTO FALLO” This is very beneficial in eczema, hypertension, constipation, gas, dry skin disorders and diabetes mellitus too.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 3800/-

Shirodhara (& Types)

Is a treatment related to all the vital points of the head, where we pour different herbal relaxing medicines according to your body type like kshaya (herbal water of different herbs) / butter milk and medicated oil. So we start with a rejuvenation and relaxing head & shoulder massage for 15 to 20 minutes followed by an oil application on the whole body for 20 to 30 minutes. Dhara is poured all over the vital points of the head from the forehead to frontal sutures and both the temporal areas. This massage is very effective in complete relaxation, stress relief, removing tension, insomnia, anger, mood swings, depression, anxiety neurosis and also helps in major decision making.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 4500/-

Post Delivery Massage

Is a massage to rejuvenate the flaccid muscles of the body after pregnancy and delivery. This helps in releasing the vata level of the body and helps in lactation too. In this massage we give a full full body specific medicated oil massage for the mother followed by a medicated steam bath and finally a medicated herbal tub bath. This massage is very effective for the mother who has given birth 6 to 9 months ago. Total of 4 massages gives complete relaxation and rejuvenation to the mother.

Duration: 2 Hours Rs. 5000/-

Maram Praveshan Abhyangam

Is an exotic massage for a duration of 3 Hours. It includes a very refreshing full body massage for 1 hour followed by a dry powder massage for 45 minutes containing relaxing antihypertensive, anti diabetic, anti microbial herbal powder and finally a herbal pack for 30 minutes. This massage is very widely known as vital points stimulation therapy which helps in piercing medicines deep inside the body, removes toxins from the body and relaxes you completely.

Duration: 3 Hours Rs. 6000/-

Shastra Saar Abhyangam

Is a whole body relaxation, revitalising and refreshing massage in which all the saaras i.e. the metabolic end products of the actual ratio, colour and lustre of the skin are improved. In this treatment we give you a full body massage with a specific medicated oil according to your body type for 1 hour and then the 3 vital points of the head, heart and naval are rinsed with the medicated oil for 30 minutes, followed by acupressure for 30 minutes, medicated steam bath for 30 minutes and medicated tub bath for 30 minutes. This is an effective treatment for the health of the body.

Duration: 3 Hours Rs. 7500/-

Sand Therapy

In this therapy natural hot sand is put on your body after a very exotic massage. This sand is natural sand taken from the local river bank and mixed with medicated powder. Firstly a medicated oil massage is done for 40 minutes and then the hot medicated sand is sprinkled over your body for deep piercing of oil. This massage is a very good scrub massage and helps in deep tissue relaxation.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 3600/-

Stone Therapy

Is a therapy to provide natural heat deep in the muscles. In this therapy a full body massage with some medicated oil is done and then a hot stone massage and scrubbing is done on the whole body. Then hot stones are applied on all the vital points for example the neck, back, naval, knees, shoulders and hands. This massage helps in deep tissue relaxation and also helps in calcium deposition inside the bones.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 4100/-

Aroma Therapy

As the name suggests, this is a therapy in which aromatic oils are used. In this massage we choose the aromatic oil according to your body type and a pressurised massage is done on the whole body for 60 minutes. This massage smoothens your skin. The aromatic oils also help in stimulating the sebaceous secretions. The aromatic oils also help in stimulation of sweat glands to get rid of bad smell.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 4800/-

Medicated Steam Bath

This helps in deep cleansing of the body with medicated oil and steam. In this treatment a simple oil application is done on the entire body followed by a medicated steam bath.

Duration: 40 Minutes Rs. 1800/-

Herbal Tub Bath

Is an under water scrub massage with herbal decoction of fresh herbs put in the tub. It gives more relaxation by putting an extra impact on skin and muscles level. This is helpful in oil absorption, relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalisation.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 3000/-

Mud Bath

Is an exotic mud therapy for cleaning the skins superficial and deep layers. This is effective for flaccid skin, marked skin, pimple skin, tan skin and other skin abnormalities. We bring mud from 1 1/2 feet to 3 feet under the ground from clean soil area and mix it with rose water / fresh curd / tomato juice / cucumber juice / papaya juice / milk / apple juice / sandal wood powder. We apply this to the entire body according yo your body type after a full body massage for 35 minutes.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 4200/-

Pizhichil (Oil Bath)

In this treatment a full body massage is done with hot oil for 20 minutes and then full body oil pouring is done along with a pressure massage. About 1 to 1.5 Kg of oil is used. This therapy is effective in relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalisation. This treatment helps in dry skin eczematous conditions, joint pains, muscular spasm, low blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, obesity, flabby skin and muscles.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 5000/-

Herbal Packs

The herbal packs are of different herbs which are made from different flowers, plants and whole herbs in dry form which are fried in oil and boiled with herbal water and then applied in the required parts of the body. These are effective in pains and sprains. These packs are applied to the localised part and hot fomentation is done for 10 to 20 minutes followed by a 30 minutes light body massage with special emphasis on that particular part.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 3600/-

Herbal Facial

This is an enriching treatment of the facial skin and frontal neck area which helps in removing pimples, blemishes, sun tan, skin hyper or hypo pigmentation, black heads, white heads, dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles of facial skin. In this rejuvenating treatment we massage all the 14 vital points on the facial skin with medicated oil according to your skin and body type for 15 minutes, then herbal steam for 15 minutes followed by scrub of fresh fruits or vegetables on you face for 15 minutes and then we apply the herbal face pack for 25 minutes and finally a rose water wash for 15 minutes. This total one hour procedure definitely rejuvenates and revitalises the skin.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes Rs. 3700/-

Bridal Herbal Package

Is a rejuvenating combination of therapies for brides and grooms which helps them to be stress free in the marriage environment. This is a set of treatments in a sequence. There is a full body aromatic oil massage for 1 hour followed by rose petal scrubbing for 30 minutes, shirodhara for 45 minutes, mud bath, facial scrub and sauna bath for 60 minutes and finally a herbal tub bath for 30 minutes. During this treatment a health snack is also given.

Duration: 5 Hours Rs. 8000/-

Sauna Bath

Is a dry heat therapy for piercing of oil into the skin and also helps the sweat and sebaceous glands to open and bring out the toxins. A sauna bath is a advisable after any of the massages prescribed.

Duration: 30 Minutes Rs. 1700/-

Steam Bath

Wet heat of vapours generated increases the body temperature of a person and the sweat brings out the toxins. This treatment helps in cleansing the system by sweating out the toxins. This is also recommended after a massage for lubrication of the skin.

Duration: 30 Minutes Rs. 1700/-

Hot & Cold Fomentation Therapy to the Abdomen

This is a fantastic treatment for your abdominal muscles to strengthen and tighten up. This includes a full body massage for 30 to 35 minutes emphasising on the hip and abdominal muscles followed by a hot abdominal pack of fat dissociating herbs for 15 minutes and a cold mud pack mixed with muscle tightening herbs for 15 minutes. This treatment is very effective for constipation, hyperacidity, gas, bloated abdomen, flabby abdominal muscles, post delivery bulging of abdominal muscles, obesity, liver cirrhosis and hyper cholestrimia.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 3600/-

Oil Fomentation to the Localised Part

This rejuvenating and revitalising treatment is for particular part like head, forehead, ears, thyroid, heart, liver, naval, neck, back, knees and ankles. A hot oil fomentation is done for 20 minutes with acupressure to the hands and feet followed by a full body massage for 35 to 40 minutes.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 2000/-


This is a rejuvenating and refreshing treatment with herbs (medicated oils) applied in the form of enema. In this cleansing therapy a full body massage is done for 35 minutes followed by herbal water enema or oil enema for 10 minutes with flushing for 20 minutes. During this treatment hot water fomentation is done for 15 minutes. A complete flush out of the intestines helps the guest get rid of constipation, gas, bloated abdomen and irritable bowel syndrome.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 3000/-


This is a treatment which means therapeutic purging in which we provide a herbal drink to the guest. This treatment is a cleansing treatment and requires a complete abdomen rest i.e. liquid diet for the whole day and at the end of the day you switch to semi solid food like khichdi. In this treatment a full body massage is done for 45 minutes. This treatment is very effective for abdominal discomforts.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 3300/-


This is a treatment which means therapeutic emesis, we give a herbal drink to the guest which helps in cleansing of the whole chest and upper gastrointestinal tract. This is a cleansing treatment and requires a preparation for 3 or 5 or 7 days before the treatment. After a rest of 1 hour a semisolid khichdi is advised to the patient to bring the abdominal and respiratory system back to normal. In this treatment we give a full body massage for 45 minutes. This treatment is effective for allergic asthma, cough conditions and hyperacidity.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 3300/-

Deluxe Hydrotherapy

Is an underwater acupressure technique which helps in stimulating almost 90 vital points of the body. It cleans the skin and improves the circulation of the pranas i.e. the oxygen binding capacity and immunity of the body is enhanced. This helps in skin tightening, skin soothing and skin sagging. Internally this is helpful in releasing the toxins from all the acupressure points of the body and refreshing and recharging your energy.

Duration: 60 Minutes Rs. 5500/-

Colon Hydrotherapy

Is a therapy to remove all waste material from the colon i.e. the large intestines. We push filtered water to your intestinal area through the anus and drain it out at the same time. The debris which comes out from the body is visible in the drain pipe of the colon machine. This therapy not only cleans the system but also minimises the chances of hypelipidemia, hyperuricemia, protein disproportion, malnutrition syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, hyperacidity, gas, abdominal discomfort, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and other stomach ailments.

Duration: 2 Hours 15 Minutes Rs. 6500/-
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